Friday, October 4, 2013

My Old Kentucky Home

What in the name of Colonel Sanders is going on? A map accompanying a USA Today story about a natural gas and oil boom in the Mid-Atlantic region is mislabeled. Can you spot the error? I'll give you "Tenn." seconds to do so. Hint: One of the five states bordering West Virginia is incorrect.

Make a trek to the southwest corner of West Virginia and you'll notice that Tennessee has waltzed in and claimed Kentucky's land. What will become of the Bluegrass State? Will horse-racing enthusiasts sip their mint juleps at the Tennessee Derby? Will fast-food aficionados have hankerings for TFC?

Let's take a Louisville Slugger to this map. Ky. needs to go where Tenn. now stands. Tenn. must move one state south, where the "Miles" scale is located. It has no business being in Kentucky's bacKyard.

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