Monday, March 19, 2012

Errors in the Flesh

A while back my brother went to a metal concert in New Jersey. Prior to moshing, head-banging and "devil horns" hand-gesturing, he was sitting at the bar when he noticed a guy circulating flyers. He picked up the flyer left atop the bar counter, gave it a quick glance and, upon spotting an error, tucked it in his jacket pocket. Now that's dedication to When Write Is Wrong. Thanks, Bro!

The glossy, full-color ad, for a tattoo parlor in the Garden State, has its share of minor faults (extra periods, random capitalization, missing hyphens and so forth), though that's not why this persnickety blogger is writing about it today.

I won't quibble about the extra periods and the like, but I can't overlook a conspicuous misspelling. Am I really seeing this, or is it merely a "pigment" of my imagination? It's real, all right. Allow me to point out that appointment is spelled wrong. The i goes after the o. Oy!

The ad's copy may be off the mark, but it pales in comparison to injecting indelible ink into the skin ... incorrectly. To get an inkling of how a tattoo can go terribly wrong, click here or here. Talk about a body blow!

Misspelled tattoos really get under my skin!


  1. Somehow I don't believe the part about it being "Comfortable".

    1. Well, I have a tattoo (my alma mater's logo, near my right shoulder), and though I wasn't in any discomfort when I had mine applied more than a decade ago, I do agree with you that it's a bit of a stretch to deem the experience comfortable. If anything, I'd say "comfortable" is more apt to describe the way the establishment tries to make the customer feel, not to the actual needle-to-skin procedure. In any case, at least they spelled "comfortable" correctly!