Friday, March 30, 2012

Gone to Seed

A day after finding a city name spelled incorrectly during a March Madness game, I spotted another on-air graphic gaffe while watching the NCAA tournament. Well, two more, though one of them is, to put it in basketball terms, a more flagrant foul.

See something seedy in seeded? An extra e seeped in. Unfortunately, no editors at truTV, which aired the game, succeeded in making sure one of those three e's seceded from seeded. Say it isn't "sow"!

While reading this "tournament summary" during the game (FYI: San Diego St. vs. N.C. St.), I was so preoccupied with the unusual growth in seeded that I almost failed to notice the secondary error. See it? No, it's not the first e in Asheville; that belongs there. It's the missing hyphen. One is needed. Before seeded.

It's "tru."

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