Monday, April 2, 2012

Crossing State Lines

Line up, readers. Take a moment and try to spot the mistake in today's image. Hint: You don't have to read a single word to find it. Somewhere along the line, you will notice it.

If you've been reading between the lines, by now you realize the error has to do with a line. In this case, a missing line.

Each issue of USA Today includes an "Across the USA" section with news briefs from every state. Each state blurb is separated by a thin rule, or line. Well, usually. The line between Colorado and my home state, Connecticut, has disappeared. Are the two states having a border dispute? Have they decided to become one state? Connectirado, perhaps. All I know is that a line is missing. That's the bottom line. Too many references to a certain linear word? I crossed the line, haven't I?

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