Monday, March 14, 2016

A Comic Strip

What do we see once in a year, twice in a week and never in a day? 
The letter e.

I start with the letter e and end with the letter e yet contain only one letter. What am I? 
An envelope.

How is the letter e like London? 
Both are the capital of England.

Those fun e jokes are as humorous as Dane Cook, huh? You know what else is no laughing matter? Spelling comedian incorrectly.

Heckle, I must.

In this USA Today blurb, one of the letters in comedian is gone — just like the dog on which Stephen Wright spilled spot remover. Comedian should showcase eight letters, but only seven are part of the act. At 87.5 percent complete, the word is somewhat recognizable. I’m getting a sense of humor.

This situation isn’t nearly as serious as Michael Richards’ set at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, California, in 2006, but it’s another case of a stand-up standing out for all the wrong reasons.

Former comedian Mitch Hedberg saw the importance of the letter atop most eye charts. While performing in 2005 at the Improv in Ontario, California, he told the audience, “I had a bad set here last night and they added an e to the end of the sign.”

Today’s misspelling, like Hedberg, can improve. Don’t change your routine, comedian. Continue following the m with an e, for me.

No laughs? Aw, man! I may as well change my name to John Carter, because I bombed.

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