Friday, August 30, 2013

A So-So Performance

Today's typo is bad; it's so, so bad.

"They were playing" nicely, and then so interrupted. So not cool, so.

I'm not sure what triggered so-and-so to use so and so, but this so-called sentence requires a solo so ... and I'm going to tell him so, in so many words. I'm on my way to his office. I'll surreptitiously record our conversation so my readers get the unmitigated truth. I'm entering his office right now. Be cool.

Owen: Hello.

Writer: Hi.

Owen [showing writer the erroneous sentence]: This has too many words, so much so that I had to blog about it.

Writer: So?

Owen: So?

Writer: Yeah. So?

Owen: So aren't you going to kill that first so, so to speak?

Writer: Nah. So be it.

Owen: So you don't care?

Writer: Not so much.

Owen: So unprofessional.

Writer: Is that so?

Owen: Yes. It's unprofessional, ignorant and so on. The error is so glaring, I'd say you did it on purpose.

Writer: Did not.

Owen [slamming door behind him]: Did so!

Well, there you have it, readers. I did my best, but I couldn't get this so-so writer to say so long to so.

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