Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Dominant Position

Errors dominate this short opening paragraph. I kid. Only one error has colonized.

I see LONDON. I (don’t) see France. I see a mistake ending in –ant. The 15th word in this one-sentence opener looks nothing like the word I expected to see. Well, it looks something like it. Both begin with the same six letters. At that point, however, we lose control.

We’ve suffered an –ant suffix when an –ate suffix would have sufficed. This isn’t your domicile, dominant, so why are you acting like a dominatrix? I have some advice for you, dominant, courtesy of my pal Gene: It’s time for you to act recessively.

You won’t prevail, dominant. Your rule is over. I’m making like an exterminator and getting rid of the –ant. With the infestation under control, dominate will, well, dominate.

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