Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Move a Little Closer

A couple of small words in this USA Today excerpt are tighter than North Korea's grip on national news. To wit, "to win" has become towin. Don't wig out, though — it's just a mistake, not a new trend. Imagine if it were. What would become of, say, "to get her" if we put those three words together?

This typo would have connected with me even more if the conjoined words had unwittingly formed a new, real word. I've come up with a list of two- and three-word groupings that create longer, unrelated words:

ant elope
beg in
cap a city
cart on
end anger
fart her
fat her
go on
hand so me
hat red
just ice
leg end
me ant
not ice
off ice
pack age
pen is
rest rain
sin us
us age

Can you think of any others, readers? If so, pass them on tome. Oops. To me.

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