Monday, June 3, 2013

A Not-So-Fine Wine

I heard about today's typo through the grapevine. Actually, my effervescent friend Lindsay, of IAMNOTASTALKER, made me aware of it while she was visiting her parents outside of Palm Springs, California. She felt compelled to whine about this wine sign.

"Apparently, the champagnes at the Albertsons in La Quinta can be ignited," she texted me from inside the grocery store.

Lindsay's right. Sparks are flying. An L has been discharged. That omission has me, like a fine wine, fermenting.

A champagne-staking effort was not made to get this wooden sign right. Could it be that someone imbibed a bit too much bubbly prior to making it?

Head back into your wine cellar, wine seller, and store another bottle of L in that first word. Follow the alphabet's lead and plug it in right after the K. Do that, and a spark of possibility remains that this situation can be remedied.

This post sparkled with wit, no?


  1. This is my favorite typo. :) I just can't grasp how this sign got made and then hung. While it's feasible that the person who made the sign didn't notice the mistake, how did the person at the sign shop miss it, as well??? And what about the person who actually hung the sign? No one caught this??? How is that possible?

    1. My theory? Too much of the good grape stuff. Imbibing wine heavily results in impaired judgment and, as we know now, impaired spelling and oversight. Less wine = a better sign.