Monday, September 9, 2013

An Affair to Forget

Former University of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino crashed his Harley-Davidson on April 1, 2012. Petrino lied to his bosses — and everyone else — when he claimed he was riding alone. Turns out, the then 51-year-old — a married father of four — was riding with a passenger, a 25-year-old female he had recently hired.

Photo by April L. Brown / AP
At a subsequent news conference, Petrino, sporting a neck brace and a wrecked face (bruises and abrasions), admitted to an “improper relationship.”

Signs of infidelity do not sit well with me.

Neither do signs of inaccuracy.

Take a look at this Associated Press photo, which shows a couple of Razorbacks fans supporting the philandering head coach. Now take a closer peek at the red sign on the left. Like Petrino’s motorcycle after it skidded off the road, this sign is in need of repairs.

Arkansas’ former coach lied to cover up his mistakes, but there is no covering up the mistake on this sign. The square who decorated that red square would like me to define INNAPPROPRIATE. I’m sorry, but I can’t do that — because it doesn’t exist. It’s inappropriate to make a sign with only two words and not spell both correctly. You’re not exactly helping your (lost) cause.

Inappropriate contains only one n. I can think of at least one other word that has a single n: monogamy.

This hastily created sign has an extra character (and a bizarre, out-of-place exclamation point). Petrino, on the other hand, lacked character.

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