Monday, August 25, 2014

Going Down in History

In preparation for an earth-shattering, life-altering, laugh-inducing post of epic proportions — and I’m not overstating things — I’m calling my old friend Comma, a pausing punctuation mark I met when I was in grammar school. If he gives me the information I’m after, get ready for one doozy of a post. In the meantime, I’ll allow you to listen in on our conversation.

[Owen speed-dials Comma. Phone rings.]

COMMA: Hello.

OWEN: Hey, Comma, it’s Owen. According to my sources, you and ago, having reached the end of the line, parted ways, and now you’re on the cusp of history. Can we discuss it? I’d like to blog about these surprising developments on When Write Is Wrong.

COMMA [in a curt tone]: I have to go. I’m on the other line.

And that, readers, was the last time I ever spoke with Comma. I failed to keep him in line and, as they say, the rest is ,history.

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