Friday, December 23, 2016

Give Each Other Space

Am I in the mall parking lot the week before Christmas? Am I one of the last passengers on a December flight, trying to put my carry-on in an overhead bin? It must be one or the other, because I can't find a space.

A couple of words in the Flight Before Christmas TV listing above are cramped tighter than airline seats in coach.

The blurb, like made-for-TV Christmas movie veteran Lacey Chabert and I, was made for "each other."

Have a holly, jolly Christmas, readers, and when you're filling out your holiday cards or wish lists, remember to put a space between eachword. Dammit!

P.S. Is the blurb technically correct? Can a plane strand people? People can strand people. Bad weather, like the snowstorm in The Flight Before Christmas, can strand people. High tide can strand people. A dead car battery can strand people. A lost passport can strand people. A plane crash can strand people. But a plane? That doesn't fly with me.