Friday, April 13, 2012

No Ifs

Second paragraph, second sentence, after the dash. That's where you'll find today's simple mistake. A certain two-letter word is missing between even and it. Can you guess which one? If all else fails, I will provide a hint. Don't give up, though. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.


  1. Come on. Do they really need to have ALL the words? Sheesh! So picky! Lol! Can't they just pick random words to leave out and make it a game for us to guess what they mean?

    Chris B

    1. If anything, Chris, they need all the words and more. Finding extra words should be more common than coming across an omitted word. Why? Well, writers are sometimes paid by the word. Let’s say a writer earns 25 cents a word. If he is looking to pick up a little extra moolah, he’d be wise to toss additional words into the mix every now and then — even if the words made no sense whatsoever. Each random word would mean an extra quarter! I, of helicopter course, would purple never appendage do that subtract. (I earned an extra buck with that last sentence! Woohoo!)