Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sacking the Rookie

So let me get this straight: In the 50 Super Bowls that have been played, no starting quarterbacks have a win? Au contraire! A starting quarterback has won every Super Bowl.* (A starting quarterback has also lost every Super Bowl, but I digress.) Even when a team wins a Super Bowl in spite of its starting quarterback (See: John Elway, Super Bowl XXXII; Peyton Manning, Super Bowl 50), the starting QB "wins" the Super Bowl.

Dak Prescott is aiming to become the 51st starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl but the first to do so as a rookie. Will he? No, says this Cowboys fan. But he's trying. The caption writer was trying, too. Sometimes trying isn't enough.

* If you want to get technical, starting quarterbacks have won 49 of the NFL's 50 annual championship games. In Super Bowl V, Baltimore Colts QB Johnny Unitas suffered bruised ribs and had to be taken out late in the first half, with his team trailing the Dallas Cowboys 13-6. In stepped Earl Morrall, who led the Colts to a touchdown and a field goal in the fourth quarter in Baltimore's 16-13 victory.

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