Monday, March 12, 2018

You're Out!

This article is making me uncomfortable. I’m talking middle-seat, no-legroom, crying-infant-on-board uncomfortable. I count [Owen begins his LeBron James impression] not one, not two, not three… Actually, it is three. I count three glaring errors in the span of a few paragraphs. The mistakes are popping up faster than the titular animals in a Whac-A-Mole machine.

Strike one: If you’re going to spell the wrong, do what the rest of us do and type teh. Don’t commit mayhem by committing to three successive letters in the bowels of mayhem.

Strike two: An s should be beside the point — and that’s important. This writer’s point is not well taken.

Strike three: I’m unable to vouch for voach, which can’t hack it as a coach. Take a seat, voach, on a couch or in a coach. I’m casting coach. I don’t want to see a v where a c should be, or cive versa. Er, vice versa.

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