Monday, December 19, 2011

Not Now, Leia, I'm Busy

Yesterday, my family did some holiday shopping at an open-air market in midtown Manhattan known as "The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park," which the official Bryant Park website describes as "custom-designed jewel box kiosks." My mom searched for her standard items: hats, jewelry, ornaments and the like. My brother kept an eye out for food and drink. I, of course, was on the lookout for typos. I am happy to report that all members of our traveling party found what they were looking for.

While standing near the kiosk for Scent in a Basket, which sells handcrafted decorative soaps, and doing my best to stay warm (temps in the low 30s), I spotted this sign. When I pointed out the top line on the chalkboard to my brother, he joked, "Are you going to write about how the soaps are crafted by Han Solo?" Why yes, Bro, I am.

Spelled with a d, as the red sign at the top shows, handcrafted means crafted, or made, by hand. Take away the d, however, and we can justifiably come to the conclusion that Han fashioned the items when he wasn't busy piloting the Millennium Falcon or battling the Empire.

May the d be with you the next time you put chalk to board at your custom-designed jewel box kiosk, Scent in a Basket.

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