Monday, June 11, 2012

A Hitching Post

I have two problems with today's entry, which comes from a USA Today article about escalating travel costs.

Number 1: As any Guide to the Galaxy can tell us, the word hitchhiker has 3 h's in it, not two. These are not "ikers" looking to hitch a ride; they are hikers.

Number 2: OK, so we know what the hitchhikers did. They held up signs. But we don't know what they possessed. Hitchhikers with what? Finish the thought! Hitchhikers with acne? Hitchhikers with low self-esteem? Hitchhikers with Harvard law degrees? Hitchhikers with an open mind? Hitchhikers with an ax to grind? Hitchhikers with B.O.?

The word with shouldn't be there, of course. Then again, without with, my readers would have been without wit. My wit. What a loss that would have been. Are you with me?

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