Friday, July 20, 2012

An Age Discrepancy

Connecticut Post
USA Today
One story. Two papers. One woman. Two ages.

I noticed these two articles in different papers on the same day. In the AP story, which appeared in the Connecticut Post, the woman who was horrifically burned to death in an elevator is described as a 64-year-old. In the USA Today article, however, the woman has mysteriously gotten nine years older.

I've heard of ages in stories being a year off or being accidentally transposed (46 instead of 64, for example), but this one has me stumped. My guess is that one of these ages was given on initial reports before being corrected.

That closes the news portion of today's post. Before I bid you adieu, however, please permit me to editorialize. I'll be brief.

I hope Jerome Isaac burns in hell for what he did.

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