Monday, January 28, 2013


Just between us, I don't think the editors of Thinklers! A Collection of Brain Ticklers and I are on the same page.

This photo is from a word-puzzles book my mom was tackling. It shows an answers page for a section of "Position Puzzles," more commonly referred to as word rebuses. In case you're not familiar, a word rebus is a puzzle that uses the positioning, size and style of letters and words to represent other words or expressions. Here are two examples:

Deep in thought
Back to the Future
After attempting to solve the word rebuses on page 148, my mom checked the corresponding answers page. What she found were answers ... and errors.

The publisher of Thinklers! is Missing Piece Press. Well, Missing Piece Press, you're missing a piece of information on page 173. You have "Page 147" listed twice.

It looks as if someone was ...

... and there are ...

Change that second 147 to 148, Missing Piece Press, and your readers will no longer be puzzled.

Bonus points if you noticed that the answer to No. 2 on page 148 should be "ADD INSULT TO INJURY" and/or that the tops of the two columns don't align.

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