Monday, August 12, 2013

A Beefed-Up Menu Item

Restaurant menus have little in common with, say, cover stories in The New York Times. The latter are dissected by a team of college-educated professionals dedicated to following the rules of grammar and style. The former are typically composed in-house by people without a journalism background; they have no New York Times-like safeguards in place. That is why I allow restaurants a little leeway when it comes to capitalization, punctuation, abbreviations and so forth. Spelling mistakes, however, are never palatable. If I see one, even on a greasy menu at a hole in the wall, it goes on my "whine list." And, with that, here is today's entree...

I'm not sure why "South East Asia" isn't "Southeast Asia" on this take-home menu from Kiraku, a Japanese restaurant in my hometown, but my main beef is with, well, beeef. What's with the extra meat in that dish? Take that extraneous e off the menu. This carnivore wants to know: Where's the beef?

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