Monday, August 24, 2015

A Bleeping ACCident

College football has the FBS, the FCS and, now, the FTS.

Professionally and personally, I’ve thumbed through many football media guides over the years. I’ve seen typos. I’ve seen inaccuracies. I’ve never seen vulgarities.

Never say never.

Media guides are often hundreds of pages long, chock-full of sports minutiae: stats, records, results, rosters, previews, reviews and so forth.

If you had access to the 2015 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Football Information Guide, for example, you’d be able to find out all of the following:

What are the names of the ACC commissioner’s grandchildren?

What is the fax number for the Camping World Independence Bowl?

What year was Virginia Tech founded?

Who won the 1942 Boston College-Wake Forest game played at Fenway Park?

Who has the longest non-scoring run in league history?

You’d also discover the following:

What does an employee, perhaps one having a rough day, input in a moment of unprofessional frustration?

The answer to that question appears on page 145, in the wake of the 2014 Wake Forest schedule. The NSFW material was discovered last month, when the “cursed” guide was distributed at ACC Kickoff (media days).

I’ve blurred a pair of dirty four-letter words in the image above, but they’re there. I, ahem, swear. (Click here or here to see the original @#$% version.) In fact, they are easier to spot than the rather inconspicuous vulgarity that popped up a couple of weeks ago on a promo image marking the 100-day countdown to the last installment of The Hunger Games. See it? (Hint: Look at Jennifer Lawrence’s right cheek and nose.)

F*CK THIS SH*T is a common refrain, uttered when a person is frustrated or annoyed to the point he doesn’t want to complete the task at hand. An ACC employee at the end of his rope, it seems, placed something obscene at the end of his lines.


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