Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thinking Outside the Box

I don't lead a wild, jet-setting life. When I'm not playing softball or basketball, I'm often reading, watching television or doing word puzzles. (Yeah, yeah — I'm not exactly "cool.")

I enjoy doing four puzzles that appear in USA Today: Word Roundup (a word search), QuickCross (a 4x4 crossword), Up & Down Words (a crossword-style game of linked two-word phrases) and Sudoku.

I caught an error in this Word Roundup. Can you spot it?

OK, time's up. The mistake has nothing to do with spelling or punctuation. It's a graphics error — one a proofreader should have noticed. Because I paid attention in elementary school, I knew the "famous flag maker" in question was Betsy Ross. I found Betsy and checked off a box. I found Ross and, um, had no box to check. Check (box), please.

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