Monday, February 18, 2013

What Are You Wearing, "Bee" Reader?

2-4-sex-8! Who do we infuriate?

Well, if you’re The Sacramento Bee, potential subscribers who aren’t looking for, um, a call of the wild.

As first reported by KCRA, a local NBC affiliate, the Bee recently sent a mailer containing the following phone number: 800-248-3233. Go ahead, give the Bee a buzz … and prepare yourself for an exciting, enticing offer.

Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you!

Hang up! Hang up now! You have the wrong number. That’s not customer service. Well, it serves customers, but a clientele more interested in the birds and the bees than the Bee. You see, 800-248-3233 is an adult chat line.

Someone in Sacramento failed to pay attention to Bee-tails. A simple oversight resulted in the transposition of two numbers. If you’re on the hunt for a limited-time, discounted newspaper offer, the second 8 can’t wait; it goes before the 4. The actual Bee subscriber hotline, as seen below on a different mailer, is 800-284-3233.

Newspaper subscriptions often come with perks (exclusive access to online content, special editions, free calendars and so forth), but the “something extra” services offered when dialing the 248 number wouldn’t give most would-be Bee subscribers a happy ending.

Or would they?

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