Monday, October 6, 2014

A Star Is Born

The baseball writer got off to a blazing start, bursting out of the batter’s box, shining like a star. He ran with purpose, as if he were being chased by a pack of voracious wolves. He picked up speed as he rounded third and headed for home, but he stumbled just before crossing the plate, falling on his noggin and seeing stars. The promising star imploded, a not-so-super nova.

Go to the end of the line (the one with got at the outset), and you’ll notice the end of the word could use a finishing touch. It’s the beginning of the end. Well, not quite. It’s the end of the start. The start of start merits a gold star. The end of start is startling. By failing to hitch a t to his star, the writer suffered a false start.

To make a fresh start, I say we add a t to star’s starboard side. With that, our star trek is complete, readers. I have finished what I stared, er, started.

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