Monday, December 1, 2014

Floating on Error

The photo at the heart of the 2012 film The Lucky One, an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks romance novel, shows a mysterious woman. The photo at the heart of today’s post shows a mysteriously named woman.

Our streak of bad l-l-luck begins on the fifth line, where I was asked to track down a lofty lowercase letter. It had come to my attention that there was an l floating around here somewhere.

Oh, there it is.

Wait, it’s over there.

No, it’s over there.

What the l is going on?

The l’s swelled. An extra one — The Unlucky One — is chilling in Schilling. The actress’ last name was Taylor-made for twin l’s, but someone tripped up and fashioned triplets.

When it came to spelling Schilling, the caption writer missed the boat. That’s my two cents’ worth. Actually, that’s my 12 pence worth.

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