Monday, March 2, 2015

A Blue Hue Boo-boo

I’m blue.

I’m neither melancholy nor a Smurf, however. Well, I suppose I’m Grouchy, but that’s because I live in Connecticut, a blue state — and I’m not referring to politics. When it comes to weather maps, Connecticut is, it seems, perpetually blue.

In the map below, for example, my home state is tinted light blue to represent COLDER, one of four temperature-related swaths. I count four colors and four labels. That makes sense, map-wise and math-wise.

Do you remember the warmer/colder game? You search for something, and if you take a step in the right direction, you are informed that you are getting warmer. When you get really close, you’re hot, even burning! Move too far in the wrong direction, however, and you risk game-grade hypothermia. Let’s play! Can you find the error in the map pictured below?

It only shows 48 states?

North Dakota should be below South Dakota?

There is no A in TEMPERATURE?

Something is missing?

Something blue?

We need more boxes?
You’re on fire!

The map above has the blues … four of them, in fact. The majority of the United States is divided into four shades of blue. (For our purposes, let’s label them, from left to right, azure, blue-gray, denim and navy.) Yet the map contains only two bluish, boxed labels. Someone royally blew it. Why did the cartographer say cyan-ara to the labels for the blue-gray and denim zones? (I apologize for the colorful, Japanese-based pun.) The boxed labels fell off the map, a la Jake Lloyd after The Phantom Menace. They should, like reports that Captain and Tennille were divorcing, come out of the blue.

That concludes today’s color commentary. Stay orange (or at least yellow), readers!

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