Monday, October 30, 2017

Going to Seed

Ay, e, I owe you.

Yesterday I intercepted that phonetically mellifluous message, composed by the letter a. The vowels a and e, separated by only three consonants, are worlds apart, despite their shared interests in arts and entertainment.

A resides in Malibu, in a mansion. E lives in Detroit, in a hovel.

A is in a gassed-up Bugatti. E drives around in a Gremlin that’s usually running on E.

A is rolling in cash. E is in debt.

A is always in class. E is in detention — twice. (Which may explain why a always gets better grades.)

A attends every party. E sits at home.

Neither a nor e got the girl though. I did. Enough about me. I mean, enough about i.

While “Mullen” over the Sporting News blurb below, I discovered something awful — and it’s not awful. It’s awfully close to awful.

This nonsensical sentence is full of beans. Well, my bean counter registers one. It should read zero. Unfortunately, bean sprouts where been belongs.

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