Monday, October 16, 2017

Springing Into Action

Actions speak louder than words. We all know that. But what if your ACTION has too many words? You’re going to hear about it — deafeningly and resoundingly.

Follow Sports Illustrated’s course of ACTION. When you near the finish line, you’re going to trip over something. Someone, it seems, wanted a bigger piece of the action. Figures. (Action … figures. Get it? I’m toying with you.)

We’ve got dupes. Oops. The exists in duplicate. I don’t react well to that. A “the the” belongs in ACTION as much as MetLife Stadium — home of the New York Giants — belongs in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It’s time to take action against a word called into ACTION twice.

With a simple extraction, we can fix this ACTION infraction and put the out of action. Such a simple, elegant, poetic solution, huh?

I await your stunned reaction.

ACTION Sports Illustrated writes a fantasy football sentence, throws in the same word back-to-back and leads editor to point out the repetition.
REACTION The editor isn’t Shakespeare, and the “the the” theme has been broached before, here and here. Move along.

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