Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bad Date

Are you a baseball fan itching for Opening Day? To pass some of the time between now and then, consider purchasing a 2012 baseball yearbook. Some have already hit the shelves at bookstores and newsstands nationwide; others will be, like Alex Rodriguez with two strikes, out soon.

The Lindy's baseball yearbook, for example, comes out Feb. 31, according to the company's website. Cool. That means we have to wait only nine days for it to— Whoa! Wait a minute! I don't want to leap to conclusions, but a leap year February, which we have in 2012, has but 29 days. Is this some sort of leap, leap, leap year? Does the Lindy's magazine really come out March 2? I'm confused.

Turns out, it's just a bad date, similar in name only to the one that killed the monkey in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

There's no crying in baseball, and there's no 31st day in February. It's but a "day" dream. If you attempt to wait until Feb. 31 to buy your baseball preview magazine, you'll be waiting a long time. Almost as long as the Cubs have been waiting to win a World Series.

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