Monday, June 10, 2013

A Crappy Mistake

Oh, now you've stepped in it, Connecticut Post! The 12-year-old boy inside of me is going to have some fun with this post. It's easy to build a case against today's dinged headline, which has the build of a scrawny teen and definitely was not built for accuracy.

All hands on the poop deck! A faulty headline has surfaced. Some ding-dong made ding dung. Instead of shipbuilding, we have shipbuildung. We must employ some anti-manure maneuvers or we'll be in a Titanic-like state of deep doo-doo. Can we remove that foul ending, please? Get a shovel. Or a bilge pump. As your captain, I order you to, well, cut the crap. Literally. We run a tight ship around here, and we steer clear of allowing strange passengers on board.

The vessel has been scrubbed clean? That buoys my spirits. Our voyage isn't complete, however; another shipwreck is on the horizon. If you zoom in on the photo caption, you'll discover a second "shipping" error. It's too bad we don't have a replica of replica. Instead, we have a cheap imitation. Replice, you are the Mr. Pibb to replica's Dr Pepper.

Oh, well. What's done is done. What's ding is dung.

Hey, sh*t happens.

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