Monday, June 17, 2013

What's the Magic Word?

No tricks, effects or illusions today, readers. What you are about to see is real.

This brief NBA game recap from USA Today reminds me of a Kardashian-Humphries marriage in its 10th week: The magic is gone. In this case, the Magic, with a capital M, is gone.

Who's to blame for this disappearance? Houdini? David Copperfield? Criss Angel? Nah. It's lesser-known illusionist David Blank, who worked his magic and — abracadabra — through sleight of hand slighted his work. He could have gone with "vs. the Orlando Magic" or "vs. Orlando" or "vs. the Magic," but when the smoke cleared and the mirrors were removed, he revealed "vs. the Orlando." That's not what I'd deem a magic touch.

You've entertained us with a disappearing act, David Blank. Now, how about a transformation act, one not nearly as theatric as turning a woman into a tiger. Turn Orlando into Magic.

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