Monday, January 6, 2014

A Whopper of an Error

If your Burger King Whopper were missing its flame-broiled beef patty, you'd notice. Do you notice anything missing from this article about the restaurant chain making changes in an effort to keep up with fast-food titans McDonald's and Wendy's?

I have a beef with a missing word on the first line. At what time? Oh, right — at a time. What happened to a? Was it dumped, much like "The Burger King," the disturbing character that was once a staple of BK commercials? You know the character I'm talking about, right? His plastic face had a permanent grin, and he popped up in the oddest places, never saying a word. He had to go. The word a, however, did not. Bring it back. "Have it your way," a certain slogan goes. Well, my way includes "comes at a time." I'd pay a King's ransom to get a back.

This BK is not OK. He's creepy!

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