Friday, January 17, 2014

Extra Earnings

Spotting today's typo is akin to hitting the slow, fat kid in a game of dodgeball: too easy.

I'll give you a moment to find it. If it takes you any longer than, oh, 30 seconds, you've earned the right to be mocked.

Did you find the typo? It's a misspelled word, and it's right there, in the middle of the second sentence: eawrns. Eawrns? Really? I could understand an accidental learns or yearns, or even an eaarns or earrns resulting from an errant keystroke, but eawrns dumbfounds me.

What's with the wayward w? How did it wedge itself in where it doesn't belong? Until it earns its stripes, it has no place in earns. Like a small-bladdered travel companion 10 minutes into a long car ride, it has to go.

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