Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Missing the Points

If youre keeping score, college basketball recaps in the Connecticut Post follow a set format: team ranking, team name, team score, comma, other teams ranking (if ranked), other teams name, other teams score, colon — all in bold, capital letters — followed by a short write-up.

Top-ranked Kentucky, for example, defeated unranked LSU 69-51, and No. 12 Baylor upset third-ranked Kansas 81-[fill in the blank]. Much like The Office sans Steve Carell, somethings missing.

You wont score any points with your audience, Connecticut Post, if you dont let the readers know how many points Kansas scored in its Big 12 game. Allow me to get to the points: The Jayhawks had 72, falling by nine in large part because they missed 11 of 13 3-pointers.

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