Thursday, February 12, 2015

You Do the Math

It’s math time, readers. This is an editing blog, so I’ll present the mathematics in a word problem. Here goes:

If Team A, trailing Team B by four points, outscores Team B by 11 points, by how much is Team A now leading?

To solve, translate the word problem into a numeric equation and solve for x. This is a simple one: -4 + 11 = x

Solution: x = 7

Let’s run through it in more detail: Team A is trailing by four points, 66-62. Team A then scores 13 of the next 15 points. We add 13 points to Team A’s 62, which gives us 75. We add two points to Team B’s 66, which gives us 68. Team A is now ahead by seven, 75-68.

How did the writer come up with 73? He missed the point. Two points, actually. He must have poor mathletic skills.

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