Monday, October 10, 2016

Storm Damage

When you're in the crosshairs of a Category 4 hurricane — an unwelcome Matt if there ever was one — spelling isn't Priority 1. Or 2 or 3, for that matter. Putting letters in their proper order takes a backseat. Safeguarding your home, securing food and supplies, evacuating and seeking shelter sit up front, hands raised, begging for attention.

Still, if in the calm before the violent atmospheric disturbance you're going to take the time to make a sign, on a piece of paper or plywood, you really should execute a one-syllable word with only one vowel. I'm not declaring this a state of emergency, but it does require disaster relief, editing style.

Leah Voss / Treasure Coast Newspapers

I'm seeing signs of a storm in the above photo, taken shortly before Hurricane Matthew unleashed its destructive power on the southeastern United States, but in the fourth word's center, or eye, which is where one would expect things to be relatively calm, chaos ensues.

Not to get too Norman Schwarzkopf-y, but desert strom.

Transpose the third and fourth letters and we'll brew the perfect storm.

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