Wednesday, May 23, 2012

At Large in Atlanta

It slipped my gaze during last month's Kentucky-Kansas blue-blood showdown in the NCAA men's basketball championship, despite its large, light-emitting presence. Yet there it was, on the rotating scoreboard along the sideline, for all to see: a notification that next year's Final Four will take place in ... Alanta.

I was rooting against Kentucky, and I had no doubt the Wildcats would win, so I wasn't fixated on the April 2 game. I learned about the Final Four flub from my mother, who happened to catch it on a Yahoo! Sports college basketball blog the day after Kentucky's 67-59 victory. Thanks, Mom!

It's safe to say that those who were focused on the game didn't need eyes like a Hawk to notice that Georgia's capital was missing a letter. This typo is akin to something out of a bad Dream. It drips with irony, too, because it occurred at an event featuring student-athletes. Are you Falcon kidding me? That t needs to be on board — literally. What if that wasn't the only t that went missing? What if we were Brave enough to take a t out of some major companies whose headquarters are in Atlanta? We'd have Turner Broadcasing, Home Depo and Dela Air Lines, among others. (If you know your Atlanta-based pro sports franchises, this paragraph makes sense. If you don't, your loss!)

Of course, I take this all back if the 2013 Final Four is going to be held in Alanta, a small town in east-central Lithuania. Somehow, I doubt that's the case.

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