Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Gator Tale

I had to swallow my pride to pen today's post. You see, I spotted the two errors before you in the communigator, a magazine published biannually by the University of Florida's College of Journalism and Communications. That's my alma mater. That's my college.

Turns out, the editors at the communigator could have used this Gator's assistance.

Both mistakes occurred in the "Alumni of Distinction" portion of the "On the Record" section. Contrary to what you see above, Darrell Hammond was once a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live. He was never a "case member." Most of my readers probably caught that typo.

I'm betting most of you did not catch the second slip. Danny's last name is spelled incorrectly. Weurffel should be Wuerffel. It's an unusual name, a difficult name — for those who aren't true Gators. Anyone associated with UF who misspells the name of the most accomplished passer in school history should be tossed overboard into swampy, alligator-infested waters. Too harsh? Eh, just a tad. (Sorry, Tebow worshippers, but I place Wuerffel atop the best-passer-in-school-history list, and it's not even a close call.)

This post notwithstanding, I am proud to be a College of Journalism and Communications graduate from the University of Florida. I'm one of many. Some of the greater Gators you may have even heard of. In addition to Hammond and Wuerffel, we have...

  • Erin Andrews – ESPN reporter
  • Walter "Red" Barber Jr. – former Major League Baseball broadcaster
  • Michael Connelly – best-selling author
  • David Finkel – Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter at The Washington Post
  • Carl Hiaasen – novelist
  • Stephen Root – actor best known for his work on the TV show NewsRadio, the film Office Space and the animated series King of the Hill
  • Bob Vila – home-improvement guru and former host of This Old House
  • Hugh Wilson – creator of WKRP in Cincinnati

Go Gators!

Before I go, I have to wish the hap-hap-happiest of birthdays to the biggest Danny Wuerffel fan I know, my younger brother. Happy birthday, Paul! May your year be filled with as many great moments as DW gave to us during that memorable 1996 season!


  1. I love, love, LOVE this post! And I love you, bro! Thanks for the b-day wishes and for this regularly funny, creative, witty, clever and just plain awesome blog. I look forward to reading it with each new post. Go Gators! Now go win a National Title in the "minor" sports, Florida!!!

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