Friday, May 25, 2012

In Other Words

Today's error, which appeared in a Sports Illustrated article recapping the Alabama-LSU football game, had me headed down the wrong path for a moment. At first, I thought was had been incorrectly inserted and simply needed to be deleted. I tried reading the sentence sans was. Still wrong. Turns out, "it was" should have been "in what."

I'm not sure how this happened. Maybe the writer decided to text his article to the office and pressed a few incorrect keys on his phone, creating some "Word" mode confusion. We've all been there. You try typing a certain word on your phone, but the auto-correct feature replaces it with a nonsensical substitute. So, instead of a friend finding out that you just saw Jennifer Aniston, he learns that you just saw Jennifer Angst. Or, though you intended to text about a "slip of the tongue," you fail to hit that 3 key one final time, and the recipient reads about your "slip of the vomit."

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