Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome to Our Ity

What's the biggest thing in Cincinnati? The Reds? Paul Brown Stadium? The Flying Pig Marathon? Great American Tower at Queen City Square? Trick question! The biggest thing in Cincinnati is its capital C. The city's name has been misspelled from time to time, as we saw in "The Losses Mount for Xavier" and "Not Seeing I to I to I," but placing an n in the wrong spot or throwing in another t is to be expected. Omitting the opening C, however, is a head-scratcher. Metropolitan areas make difficult budget-cut decisions on a regular basis, but let's not succumb to downsizing names. No city would be the same sans its first letter. I'd live in Airfield, Connecticut, and travel to Ew York City on occasion. Trips further west might take me to Hicago, Illinois; An Antonio, Texas; or that new hot spot in Nevada, Arson City. Up for an international excursion? You could head to Stanbul, Turkey; Lorence, Italy; or — yikes — Ape Town, South Africa.

Thanks, Paul, for spotting this "capital offense" and giving me a heads-up. That was mighty big of you — almost as big as the C in Cincinnati.

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