Monday, September 3, 2012

Give a Hoot, Don't Misspell

One of my top priorities during a vacation in Los Angeles in September 2008 was to find an area bar or restaurant where I could watch the Florida-Tennessee football game. (Yes, I plan things, even during a vacation, around my Gators!) Fortunately for me, a Hooters in Burbank was hosting a Gator gathering for the game. Sweet!

Even sweeter? During stoppages in the game, the restaurant gave away raffle prizes — and I was one of the afternoon's first winners. I received a Gators T-shirt.

Not so sweet? The glaring fact error that caught my eye when I received said shirt. It may not be obvious to those who didn't matriculate at the University of Florida or those who have never lived in the Sunshine State, but UF is located in Gainesville. The city has two e's in it, just like the Gainesvilles in Georgia, Texas, Virginia, New York, Missouri and Alabama. As an editor, I could not in good conscience keep a shirt with a misspelled city name. I handed over my spoils to my brother. He kept the shirt and is the one modeling it for today's post. (Thanks, Paul!)

Sure, the Burbank Hooters is more than 2,100 miles from Gainesville, Florida, but that's no excuse. Keep your shirt on, Owen? I couldn't. And not even the famous Hooters Girls could save the day. What did? Florida's 24-point victory over Tennessee, of course.

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