Friday, March 14, 2014

An Unidentified Fill-in Object

Its 1947 Roswell all over again! New Mexico has been invaded! Alert the armed forces!

A UFO allegedly crashed near Roswell in ’47. What happened — or didnt happen — in that southeastern New Mexico city back when Jackie Robinson was breaking Major League Baseballs color barrier is up for debate.

No debate today. The story Im about to tell you is true. No cover-up. No controversy. No conspiracy.

A mysterious visitor has been sighted in the Land of Enchantment, though this one is not of the extra-terrestrial variety. This alien is extra-alphabetical. A T has crash-landed in the state.

Dont panic, readers. I immediately contacted the U.S. military and asked to have the debris removed. Top men are working on it right now.


Top ... men.

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