Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Teams on the Move

I have a good idea for today's post. Let me map it out for you.

This graphic, from the pages of Sports Illustrated Kids, depicts the number of NHL teams in the southern United States during the 2011-12 season. Each team is listed, with a line connecting the team's name to its corresponding location on the map.

The line marking the location of the Florida Panthers is, like cursing at a job interview, out of place. The Panthers play in Sunrise, a Miami suburb. The line should be farther south, near the very tip of the Sunshine State. In fact, it looks as if it may have been at some point, because the gap between the line and "Florida Panthers" is substantial. Why did the line head north? Couldn't take the heat?

Florida's other pro hockey team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, also is a victim of unforeseen franchise relocation. Tampa is located on the west coast; the dotted endpoint of the line shouldn't be so far inland.

The Lightning mark is somewhat accurate, but the Panthers line is off by a great deal. Its endpoint is roughly where Palm Bay is located, and Palm Bay is 150 miles north of Sunrise. That is where I draw the line.


  1. The Carolina Hurricanes appear to be in Charlotte, when in reality they are located in Raleigh.

    1. You're correct. The line's endpoint should be a tad northeast of its printed location (about 120 miles away, in true distance). The Hurricanes have played in Greensboro (for two seasons) and Raleigh, but never has Charlotte been home. Consider that misplaced line a Raleigh killer, if you will.