Monday, April 1, 2013

Poster Poser

In each issue, Sports Illustrated Kids selects a pair of  Superstars of the Month” and features them on special pullout posters. One of the selections in this old issue was Major League Baseball player Albert Pujols.

The former St. Louis Cardinals slugger has been baseballs best player over the last decade. (Sorry, A-Rod, but its not even close.) Youd think if you were including a poster of Pujols in your magazine, youd spell his name correctly. Yet there it is in the upper right, in big, uppercase letters: PULOLS.

Kind of makes you want to LOL, no?

The Sports Illustrated Kids writer should have checked back, as in checked the name visible on the back of the ballplayers jersey. The stitched J is as clear as day.

My readers should check back, too. This post will be preserved — for posterity.

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