Monday, April 7, 2014

A Philly Folly

Despite living in southwestern Connecticut — roughly midway between New York and Boston — Im a Philadelphia 76ers fan. Always have been. During my formative years, the ample afro and aerial acrobatics of Julius Erving, one of the NBAs biggest stars, captivated me. I rooted for Dr. J and his team — and I never wavered. I was a Sixers supporter when Charles (Barkley) was in charge, I was a fan during the dark days before Allen Iverson became The Answer, and Ive maintained my allegiance through all the mediocre (at best) seasons since. It hasnt been easy, but Im not about to jump ship. Loyalty, thy name is Owen. (It would be nice, granted, to have that loyalty repaid with a first title since 1983. Hint, hint.)

The 76ers arent one of the NBAs glamour teams. The Lakers, Heat and Bulls, among others, are nationally televised more times in a week than my Sixers are in an entire season. So when Philadelphia does make a rare TV appearance, itd be nice if we didnt have a fly(ers) in the ointment.

The 76ers and Flyers, Philadelphias NHL team, have a lot in common. Both play in the same city — in the same arena even. Both have centers and forwards making millions of dollars. Both have failed to win a championship in the last 30 years.

They are not, however, the same team, and thats why I am hotter than the thinly sliced beef in a melt-in-your-mouth Philly cheesesteak from Pats King of Steaks or Genos Steaks. Why have the 76ers been eighty-sixed in the listings? Fly away, Flyers. Its time for my beloved 76ers to shine!

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