Wednesday, April 2, 2014

An Adam Bomb

Photo by Steve Grayson / WireImage
Halo? Is anybody home?

Number 9 certainly isn’t dressed to the nines. He’s arguably stylish in his sleeveless white jersey over a carnelian T-shirt, with color-coordinated batting gloves and wristband, but one detail has been overlooked.

Adam Riggs played in only 61 Major League Baseball games, but one of ‘em was memorable — for the wrong reasons. Starting in left field for the then Anaheim Angels against the Detroit Tigers on Aug. 16, 2003, Riggs adorned a poorly rigged uniform.

Good heavens! Where the hell is the L? On that summer day in 2003, Anaheim had Angels and Angees in the outfield, courtesy of some super-unnatural stitching. Oh, gees!

The Angels beat the Tigers 11-7, and Riggs scored a run, but as long as this picture exists, he’ll remain something less than a celestial being. That’s right: He’s no Angel.

Change that second E to an L, however, and, like Riggs, things are looking up.

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