Monday, September 8, 2014

Not-So-Hot Cocoa

USA Today’s “State-by-State” page, which provides news briefs from across the United States, is formatted. That formatting is as follows:

STATE City: Paragraph with information about aforementioned city.

In other words, the state name is in a sans serif typeface, in all caps and in blue; the city name and the colon are in a serif typeface and in bold; and the paragraph is in the same serif typeface as the city name but uses the regular, or roman, font. Here is an example of what a “State-by-State” entry might look like in USA Today:

FLORIDA Gainesville: To honor its most distinguished alumnus, the University of Florida has announced it will rename its journalism building When Write Is Wrong Hall. A dedication ceremony will take place next August. Millions are expected to attend.

Now, knowing what you know, can you find the mistake in the photo? You got it. On this formatted page, a Sunshine State city is deformed. Cocoa (also a term for a reddish brown) is feeling blue when it should be in the black. 

Cocoa’s nuts!

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