Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not Seeing I to I to I

While I was watching the University of Connecticut's season mercifully come to an end in the NCAA tournament last week, this graphic popped up during TBS' telecast.

Somebody went missing on the east end of Ohio's third-largest city. Who? I did.

For some, spelling Cincy's full name is not a cinch, though that's the result of all those n's and, to a lesser degree, the t. I blogged about this back in February. (Is it one n and then two n's? Two n's and then one n? Back-to-back n's both times? One or two t's?) Not once, however, has a Cincinnati misspelling occurred because of an i problem. Until now.

Here's hoping we've reached the (city) limit on Cincinnati-based spelling mistakes.

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