Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Murder "She," He Wrote

I’ve stuck recently to two posts per hebdomad, but because of recent events at a French satirical weekly, I’m blogging three times this week. I’m Hebdo mad.

How could human beings display such an ugly mix of intolerance and violence? That’s an inquiry to delve into elsewhere. Here, we’ll tackle a trivial question.

How could she manage to slip away?

She didn’t flee. In fact, she refuses to leave quietly.

Study the text. She arrives near the beginning of the blue line, and three words later — this will make you flip — here she comes again.

Knee-deep in she are we.

I knew she would show up, but why did she make a return visit? If she’s like the wind, as Patrick Swayze once professed, I wish she’d blow.

We must treat that second reference as if it were radical Islam — eliminate it.

She will get hers.

I hope Hayat Boumeddiene does too.

Je suis Charlie.

David Pope

Damien Glez

Dave Granlund

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