Monday, January 26, 2015

Rall Material

Today’s problems stem from the missed use or misuse of three letters. In an n-u-i sense, those letters are a nuisance.

Is author Ted Rall unaware that a word in his first panel has been n-lightened? I have a problem with the details of his annoucement, which has pronounced shortcomings.

Bigger is better. Delivering another n will birth announcement. When the letter count mounts, a beautiful word springs to life. Oh, baby!

Speaking of mounting…

Rall was further undone by an un- he spun. I’ve heard of insurmountable odds, but unsurmountable? Odd.

A journalist should know that an announcement cannot be made without four n’s, and that, despite what you may have been told, an insurmountable obstacle can be overcome.

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